When a major platform of a political group is “science is wrong”, it should be no surprise that scientific organizations are added to a list of that groups enemies.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) makes the list for using facts and numbers which are in complete disagreement with the crap Sean Hannity pulls out of his ass.


Sesame Street

Big Bird and crew have made the list thanks to their overt attacks on Fox News.

Now their young, impressionable viewers will undoubtedly grow up and become a part of the horrifying liberal machine.

The Bible

No shit. The Bible. Even the Bible is apparently persecuting conservatives.

So this enterprising conservative is getting people together to draft his own version: Here

Because God’s word is infallible, unless it disagrees with you politically. Then f*ck it, what does God know anyway?

Comic Books

A few examples here.

1) Whining that comics lean left as they incorporated Obama after the election (Here)

2) Whining about the protrayal of President George W. Bush (Here)

3) Whining about Captain America turning his back on conservatives (Here)

Video Games

While there are quite a few examples, this was added due to the article linked below from World Net Daily. Essentially they’re upset over the potential to have gay sex in Dragon Age: Origins. Killing potentially innocent people in some scenes, robbing, and bigotry in the game are all fine and good. But gay sex is where prinicpled people draw the line, dammit.

World Nut Daily

Little Green Footballs

This post on LGF by its founder(, which gives a sane and rational breakdown of why a conservative would have problems with the current state of the GOP.

And if there’s anything the GOP currently hates, it’s sanity and rational thinking. . . and science. . . and the rule of law . . .and, well, you get the picture.